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Khao Lak surf

The 17 best things to do in Khao Lak, Thailand

People know Khao Lak for diving, and maybe for surfing, but there's so much more to do here!

Thailand COVID-19 insurance & entry requirements [up to date]

Everything you need to know to enter Thailand during the coronavirus pandemic

Travel hacking

Top credit cards, banks & more for Americans abroad

More than any other nationality in the world, American’s can get some amazing perks from their bank accounts and credit…

best travel credit card

The best credit card for Americans living abroad

Travel hacking is the increasingly popular method of using credit card points and miles to get free flights and hotels.…

Lumpini Park Bangkok Skyline

The best travel insurance providers for Thailand trips

Congratulations on even making it to this page! I get it, buying insurance for a trip is literally the single…

Thailand elephant riding

Think it’s time to ban elephant riding in Thailand? Not so fast

We don't support elephant riding, but an outright ban is implausible. Here's a better way.

Full application guide & review to the Thailand Elite Visa

The Thailand Elite Visa is a simple (but costly) purchase, enabling an individual or a family to stay in Thailand…

Taxi in Bangkok

How to use local taxis in Bangkok without getting ripped off or lost

Aside from being very cheap, the Bangkok taxi (แท็กซี่ – taek see) is famous for all the wrong reasons. Tampered…

Best VPN for Thailand

The best VPN for Thailand – Tried and Tested

We’ve tried out a lot of different VPNs during our time in Thailand and we’ve found that NordVPN is the…

Thai longtail boat Ranong Laem Son Marine Park

10 unseen Thailand destinations to visit before they’re too popular

A lot of destinations in Thailand have become so popular that they’re pretty much always crowded. But there are plenty…

Thailand packing essentials

12 things to buy BEFORE your trip to Thailand

Traveling in Thailand is incredibly easy, and there’s almost nothing you can’t find here. You could arrive with nothing more…

Bangkok street food

No, street food hasn’t been banned in Bangkok. It’s still EVERYWHERE

Back in 2017, the Bangkok street food scene was sitting pretty. The city had recently become the most visited in…

Emergency numbers and other useful contacts in Thailand

When you are traveling in Thailand as a foreigner, it can be confusing to know which number to call in…

Thailand travel – 20 tips to know before you go

1. Don’t exchange your money at home or at the airport For peace of mind, you may want to exchange…

Happy Asalha Puja Day!

Happy Asalha Puja Day to all our Theravada Buddhist readers

How many of these facts did you know about Thailand?

We've gathered some interesting facts about Thailand, many we didn't know ourselves. Did you know there are over 200,000 millionaires…

Here’s the real reason street food is so delicious

Street food is trendy, but that's not why you should eat it.

Why I fucking love Bangkok

An ode to the grit, glitz, grime, and glam of a truly great city

The ultimate guide for what to wear while in Thailand

Don't be that guy in the baggy yoga pants

10 activities for adrenaline seekers

These 10 adventure activities guarantee you great GoPro footage, a few bumps and bruises and a hell of a good…

Scuba Diving in Koh Chang

If you're visiting Koh Chang then diving or learning to dive should be on your list of things to do…

Welcome to Thailand, please keep off the elephants

Most travelers don't realize their decision to ride an elephant supports the torture of these wonderful creatures

Thai visa run to the Cambodian border at Koh Kong

A guide to help you avoid the scams, get over the border, and find something to do in sleepy Koh…

The 10 expat types you’ll meet in Thailand

The world of Thailand's expats is a strange habitat indeed. Here are the ten specimens you're most likely to find…

Roads, rails and waterways: getting around Bangkok

Navigating Bangkok's congested streets can be a challenge for even lifelong residents. For those who've only just arrived it can…