Entering Thailand in the pre-COVID-19 days was a breeze for most nationalities, but things are different today. If you want to enter the Land of Smiles now, you will need to to comply with all of the following. We will keep this post updated with each new rule announcement.

To enter Thailand on any type of visa in the coronavirus era, you must carry travel medical insurance with a minimum coverage of $100,000 USD. Other mandatory requirements for COVID-19 include coronavirus testing, possible mandatory quarantine period, detailed itineraries including hotel bookings, the use of a tracking app, obtaining a “fit-to-fly certificate”, and completion of the T.8 health form. Under the “Travel Bubble” policy, travelers to Thailand are restricted to many areas of the country. Thailand is currently only accepting arrivals from certain countries.

Important: These requirements are constantly changing and will continue to change often. That’s the Thai way. We will keep this post as up to date as we possibly can. If you have any questions, you can ask in a comment below, contact us, or DM us on Facebook

Mandatory coronavirus insurance for Thailand travel

Whether you’re coming in on a visa exemption, a tourist visa, a type of business visa, retirement visa, or any other category, you must show proof that you carry travel health insurance with minimum coverage of $100,000 USD and no exclusion for the Coronavirus.

Most travel insurance and travel medical insurance plans have exclusions for pandemics, which means they won’t cover you for anything caused by COVID-19.

To find Thailand travel medical insurance policies that cover COVID-19 , use SquareMouth to compare different plans. Input your details then use filters on the results page to find a policy. On the left-hand side, tick the box for Coronavirus Coverage to see relevant policies. You should also tick the Emergency Medical box and set the minimum cover to at least $100,000 USD.

travel medical insurance with COVID coverage
The tick boxes on SquareMouth make it easy to shop for insurance plans with the required Coronavirus coverage

For more information, see our complete guide to Thailand travel insurance.

Who can enter Thailand now?

Right now, there are commercial flights coming to Thailand, but only certain people are allowed on these flights. At the moment, this is restricted to the following categories, and all must undergo the mandatory quarantine.

  • Thai nationals returning home
  • Foreigners with work permits or with an invitation to work in Thailand from a government agency. This is currently on a case by case basis. You need to contact the Thai embassy in your country to see what their requirements are.
  • Foreigners with Thai spouses or children. This is also on a case by case basis. Again, contact the Thai embassy in your country to see what their requirements are.

Who needs to quarantine when entering Thailand

It is currently unclear on who will need to quarantine on arrival in Thailand, and who will not.

Furthermore, for those allowed to travel within the country, certain provinces may require a quarantine period for foreigners arriving even if from another province where they didn’t need to.

We will update this as more information becomes available.

COVID-19 test to enter Thailand

Currently, you need to show a test result that showed you were free of coronavirus within the 48 hours previous to boarding your flight to Thailand. You may also be required to undergo a second test on arrival.

Thailand “Travel Bubble” requirements

The first tourists allowed to enter Thailand on visa exemptions, tourist visas, or for any purposes of business travel or medical tourism will be restricted to certain locations. They are calling this the “Travel Bubble” policy.

We will provide more information on this as it becomes available.

Tracking app for Thailand travel

To enforce the travel bubble as well as make sure that any mandatory quarantines are not violated, all new arrivals in Thailand must download and use the Thailand coronavirus tracking app.

Yes, this is pretty Big Brother-ish, but it is what it is. You could of course get around it by simply leaving your phone in the location you’re supposed to be, but we wouldn’t recommend it. Getting caught doing this would be taken very seriously and would involve large fines, at least a few nights in jail, and likely deportation and blacklisting.

T.8 health form

In addition to the standard TM6 arrival and departure card, any foreigners arriving in Thailand must fill out a T.8 health form. The form can be downloaded here, but you may be required to complete it electronically in the AOT (Airports of Thailand) App.

The app is, as expected, incredibly buggy and hard to use. You can get it from the Google Play store here, and from the Apple App store here.

Fit to fly certificate to enter Thailand

To enter Thailand you may be required to show a so called fit to fly certificate. This is basically a doctors note showing that you are healthy enough to fly. The fit to fly certification is separate from the Coronavirus test, and basically just has to show that you are not going to drop dead anytime soon.

This is a standard part of the bureaucracy in Thailand where you can go into any clinic, get your pulse taken, and get the piece of paper. This could be much more difficult to obtain in other countries, particularly when the system is already strained by COVID-19.

It would be helpful to others if you could share your experience trying to obtain this certificate in a comment below. Make sure to let us know your nationality.

Proof of itinerary to enter Thailand

To travel to Thailand during these Coronavirus times, you are required to show your itinerary. You should print each of these out, and have them organized in case the immigration officer asks to see them. This should include all hotel bookings and your return flight out of Thailand if you’re a tourist.

If you are coming as a business traveler or medical tourist, you should print out any invitation letters, confirmation of medical appointments, or any other documents you might have.

In Thailand, it’s always better to have too much paperwork than too little.

If we missed anything or if you have questions, comments, or firsthand experience of any of this process, please drop a comment below.

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