Thailand COVID-19 insurance & entry requirements [up to date]

Everything you need to know to enter Thailand during the coronavirus pandemic

Entering Thailand in the pre-COVID-19 days was a breeze for most nationalities, but things are different today. If you want to enter the Land of Smiles now, you will need to to comply with all of the following. We will keep this post updated with each new rule announcement.

To enter Thailand on any type of visa in the coronavirus era, you must carry travel medical insurance with a minimum coverage of $100,000 USD. Other mandatory requirements for COVID-19 include coronavirus testing, a mandatory 14-day quarantine in an approved hotel, detailed itineraries including hotel bookings, the use of a tracking app, obtaining a “fit-to-fly certificate”, and completion of the T.8 health form.

Important: These requirements are constantly changing and will continue to change often. That’s the Thai way. We will keep this post as up to date as we possibly can. If you have any questions, you can ask in a comment below, contact us, or DM us on Facebook

Mandatory coronavirus insurance for Thailand travel

Whether you’re coming in on a visa exemption, a tourist visa, a type of business visa, retirement visa, or any other category, you must show proof that you carry travel health insurance with minimum coverage of $100,000 USD and no exclusion for the Coronavirus.

Most travel insurance and travel medical insurance plans have exclusions for pandemics, which means they won’t cover you for anything caused by COVID-19.

To find Thailand travel medical insurance policies that cover COVID-19 , use SquareMouth to compare different plans. Input your details then use filters on the results page to find a policy. On the left-hand side, tick the box for Coronavirus Coverage to see relevant policies. You should also tick the Emergency Medical box and set the minimum cover to at least $100,000 USD.

travel medical insurance with COVID coverage
The tick boxes on SquareMouth make it easy to shop for insurance plans with the required Coronavirus coverage

For more information, see our complete guide to Thailand travel insurance.

Who can enter Thailand now?

Right now, there are no commercial flights coming to Thailand. To get back in, you need to come on an approved charter flight, or get a seat on a repatriation flight. Contact your local Thai Embassy to find out your options.

At the moment, entry is restricted to the following categories, and all must undergo the mandatory quarantine.

Thailand Special Tourist Visa for long stays during the Covid-19 pandemic

On September 16 the Cabinet approved a new long stay visa to begin reopening the country for limited tourism during the coronavirus pandemic. It is expected to become law in the coming days upon publication in the Royal Gazette, and the first arrivals under this visa will likely be in early October.

October 8 2020 Update: Just two days before the first visitors were set to arrive under this visa, the government announced it would be postponed. This is incredibly frustrating and just deteriorates any trust people might have in the Thai government. For now, they are saying it is just a delay of a few weeks and will be implemented by the end of October, but that must be small comfort for the people who had already paid for their charter flight, insurance, and quarantine hotel.

As commercial flights are still banned, tourists entering on this visa will initially need to come via a charter flight, or private jet. Charter flights will be limited to three per week. It is possible that if you can get a seat on a repatriation flight, you can find a reasonably priced option.

Entering on this visa, you will still need to adhere to all the requirements for insurance, testing, and quarantine. The initial announcement also specifies needing a background check from the Royal Thai Police.

The visa will cost 2000 Baht and will grant you 90 days. It can be extended twice for 90 days each time, likely at a cost of 2000 Baht of each extension.

A 270-day visa without leaving the country for 6000 Baht is actually a great deal and much more convenient and cheaper than a standard Multiple Entry Tourist Visa.

Update: [September 24, 2020] It seems that you must apply for this visa through an authorized agent, and they are all charging a 10,000 Baht non-refundable application fee, so the cost of the visa is actually 12,000 Baht

It is not yet clear who will be allowed in, but it will probably be restricted to certain countries initially. We will update this section as more information becomes available.

This video from the Tourism Authority of Thailand tries to spell out the process, but it’s pretty hard to follow.

Who needs to quarantine when entering Thailand

Everybody entering Thailand at this time needs to quarantine in a government approved hotel for 14 days. Thai nationals can quarantine for free as part of the State Quarantine program, but non-Thais must pay to stay at an approved Alternate State Quarantine Hotel.

There is some speculation now in early October that the quarantine period could be reduced from 14 to 7 days. That should bring the cost way down and free up more hotel rooms. If this happens we will update the post.

Booking Alternative State Quarantine in Thailand (ASQ)

If you fall into one of the approved categories to enter Thailand and you are a non-Thai national, you will need to book a 14-day stay at an approved Alternative State Quarantine Hotel. The cost of ASQ ranges from 35,000 Baht ($1125 USD) for a 14-day package, up to 150,000+.

Hotels in Bangkok are under the ASQ program, hotels in other locations are categorized as Alternative Local Quarantine.

The easiest way to find an approved hotel is on a Facebook page that was set up to list them. This Facebook post from that page has a list of all the hotels broken down by price.

To book, you need to contact the hotel directly. The cost should include pickup from the airport, your room, and all of your meals. You will have your temperature checked twice daily by the 24-hour on-call nurse, and you will be given a covid test on days five and 13 of your quarantine. These should also be included in the cost, but you should double check that when you book.

Why is this on a Facebook page?

It’s a bit strange that the list is on a Facebook page, but it does seem to be an official resource. The Thai Consulate in Los Angeles links to it from this page on their website. To confirm that a hotel is approved, you can find the official list of approved ASQ hotels on Thailand’s Covid Emergency Operations Website.

The website is in Thai only and is not very user-friendly, but we do recommend that you double-check that the hotel you choose is listed there. The screenshot below shows how to do this. For hotels in Bangkok, click the left image, for hotels elsewhere click on the right.

COVID-19 test to enter Thailand

Currently, you need to show a test result that showed you were free of coronavirus within the 48 hours previous to boarding your flight to Thailand. You may also be required to undergo a second test on arrival.

Thailand Covid-19 Declaration Form

You may be required to fill in a form before you travel. It is not clear at this time who needs this, but you should probably do it to be on the safe side. You can download that form from the Los Angeles Thai Consulate’s website here.

Thailand “Travel Bubble” requirements

Talk of creating “Travel Bubbles” where tourists are allowed in but only allowed to travel in certain areas, (e.g. arrive in Phuket and only allowed to stay on the island) comes and goes. The government announce a plan, then scrap it, then come out with a modified version, then scrap that. Currently there is no talk of doing this, but we’ll update if that changes.

Tracking app for Thailand travel

In the summer, it was announced that to enforce the travel bubble as well as make sure that any mandatory quarantines are not violated, all new arrivals in Thailand must download and use the Thailand coronavirus tracking app.

This seems to have fallen by the wayside, but may be coming back with the newly announced long-stay tourist visa. We’ll update when the actual requirements are released.

T.8 health form

In addition to the standard TM6 arrival and departure card, any foreigners arriving in Thailand must fill out a T.8 health form. The form can be downloaded here, but you may be required to complete it electronically in the AOT (Airports of Thailand) App.

The app is, as expected, incredibly buggy and hard to use. You can get it from the Google Play store here, and from the Apple App store here.

Fit to fly certificate to enter Thailand

To enter Thailand you may be required to show a so called fit to fly certificate. This is basically a doctor’s note showing that you are healthy enough to fly. The fit to fly certification is separate from the Coronavirus test, and basically just has to show that you are not going to drop dead anytime soon.

This is a standard part of the bureaucracy in Thailand where you can go into any clinic, get your pulse taken, and get the piece of paper. This could be much more difficult to obtain in other countries, particularly when the system is already strained by COVID-19.

It would be helpful to others if you could share your experience trying to obtain this certificate in a comment below. Make sure to let us know your nationality.

Proof of itinerary to enter Thailand

To travel to Thailand during these Coronavirus times, you are required to show your itinerary. You should print each of these out, and have them organized in case the immigration officer asks to see them. This should include all hotel bookings and your return flight out of Thailand if you’re a tourist.

If you are coming as a business traveler or medical tourist, you should print out any invitation letters, confirmation of medical appointments, or any other documents you might have.

In Thailand, it’s always better to have too much paperwork than too little.

If we missed anything or if you have questions, comments, or firsthand experience of any of this process, please drop a comment below.

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  • William

    3 weeks ago

    Hi im in the process of getting my insurance for the stv visa. im 32 yo male from new Zealand (low risk country) do you know what would be the cheapest/most affordable insurance for the stv visa for my country?

    • It’s better in Thailand

      2 weeks ago

      Hi William, You should try a search on SquareMouth Keep in mind the requirements, $100,000 USD minimum for primary medical coverage, no exclusion for Covid-19, and coverage for outpatient treatment of no less than 40,000 baht and inpatient treatment of no less than 400,000 baht. Because the rules change often and are open to interpretation from each embassy, you should verify all of the requirements with your local Thai embassy or consulate before purchasing.

  • Karstein Hansen

    3 weeks ago

    I am 77 years old and have stayed 2 years in Thailand before with my Thai wife. Now we want to go back to Thailand. We live in Norway now. What insurance do I need for 1 year. I see that there are 3 different to choose between

    • It’s better in Thailand

      2 weeks ago

      Hi Karstein, You should try a search on SquareMouth. Keep in mind the requirements, $100,000 USD minimum for primary medical coverage, no exclusion for Covid-19, and coverage for outpatient treatment of no less than 40,000 baht and inpatient treatment of no less than 400,000 baht. SquareMouth lets you filter for policies that meet all these requirements.

      Because the rules change often and are open to interpretation from each embassy, you should verify all of the requirements with the Norwegian – Thai embassy or consulate before purchasing.

  • Stephen Soul

    1 month ago

    Retirement visa holders A-O and A-X are now allowed to return according to the Thai Embassy website so you need to update here. The problem is the insurance is absurdly expensive and virtually impossible to obtain. In fact two policies are now required. This is also absurd. Generals may be good at running army’s where all are required to give or follow orders or to carry out coups at the point of a gun. It’s always going to be difficult for a General to be a Prime Minister if a population is unlikely to follow orders

  • Nigel Ancill

    2 months ago

    Hi All , I am in Vietnam but soon will leave to go home to my home and wife in thailand. im finding it really difficult to find a insurance broker for the covid 19 insurance for entry into Thailand.i see so many online ,but i fear that most of these are just normal life or travel insurance. Can anybody give any information for True Insurance companies offering this service. Thanks

    • It’s better in Thailand

      2 months ago

      Try the company we recommend above, SquareMouth. They only sell travel insurance, not life insurance. They have plans from 20 different providers, and their search functions allow you to tick the box to search only for plans that cover Covid-19, and to set a minimum threshold to only see plans that have the minimum cover of $100,000.

  • Adele

    2 months ago

    I really acquired a lot from this thanks
    I actually have a question I wish to travel to my country for 2 weeks this November and to be back by the 3 week of November is that possible

    • It’s better in Thailand

      2 months ago

      It depends on what your visa situation is in Thailand. It may be possible if you are on a work permit, or a retirement or family visa. If the situation stays the same as now at that time, getting back in will be difficult as outlined above. Finding a flight could be difficult and expensive, you’d need insurance, you would have to do the 14 day quarantine.

  • Anthony Stanwell

    3 months ago

    Excellent article…well done.
    I do have a question concerning medical insurance to cover Covid and up to $100.000 USD. We are Swiss and live in Switzerland. By law we all have medical insurance which covers us both in Switzerland and abroad. Coverage abroad is up to twice the amount payable in our home country. The only hic is that no insurance company here will put a value on a certificate. They will only certify that we are insured (I suppose they are afraid of being billed $100.000 USD for 1 bandaid or 1 injection). Any ideas on what to do ? The Swiss consulate in Bangkok has been of no help. Lastly where can the official insurance form be download please ? Keep up the good work

    • It’s better in Thailand

      3 months ago

      Hey Anthony, Hmmm that’s a tough question, I’m not really sure what the right answer is. Does your policy have a maximum coverage limit? It seems like if it has that, and also says that coverage abroad is up to 2x the amount at home, that might work. I think you should try contacting the Thai embassy in Switzerland to see what they say. This must be a common question if all Swiss are in the same boat. For the form, I think you should also ask the embassy in Switzerland about that, but there is a form you can download from the Los Angeles consulate website here

    • Anthony Stanwell

      2 months ago

      Thanks ! I had already found this form on the net but it is only for Type O-A visas.
      The Thai Embassy in Switzerland was of no help either ! So I am going to go back to our Swiss insurance company. Going over the form downloaded from the LA site they request “a sum insured of not less than xxxxx/year”. To me (and I suppose the insurance companies here) this seems somewhat strange…does it mean that nothing costs less than $100,000 ? I believe that this is where we will have a problem…sill try anyway…our other option is to officially leave Switzerland and therefore not pay Swiss insurance during our absence and take out in insurance in Thailand but wow is it ever expensive…more than in Switzerland. We will only require it for 6 months but apparently they only sell 12 month policies ! Any ideas would be much appreciated 🙂

    • It’s better in Thailand

      2 months ago

      I think “sum insured” is just an awkward way of saying insurance with a minimum coverage of $100,000 USD and no covid exclusions. It seems like it shouldn’t be too hard to get a policy statement from your insurance company showing that your coverage meets that criteria. If you really do need to buy supplemental insurance, you don’t need to buy a full year of it. You can buy travel insurance for the dates of your travel only, just make sure it covers Covid. The link in the article above is a pretty good broker website where you can search for plans that cover covid and meet the $100k minimum. …But again, you should be fine with your regular insurance as long as you can get a clear policy statement.

    • Anthony Stanwell

      2 months ago

      Thanks so much…in the meantime anyone requiring Covid coverage with a $100,000 minimum can contact: who will issue it…beware if you come from a high risk country the premium is double the normal…approx 12,000 bht for 180 days…high risk 24,000 bht. It can be purchased on line.

    • It’s better in Thailand

      2 months ago

      Thanks for that, that’s a good resource as they will cover people up to 99 years old, which most other plans will not do. Note though that it seems to be Coronavirus coverage only, so anyone buying this plan will need to buy additional coverage for normal illnesses and accidents, unless like you they already have that from their home country. Thanks Anthony and best of luck getting back into Thailand!

    • Anthony Edward Stanwell

      2 months ago

      Yes you are correct…it is coverage for COVID only…however I was given this broker who sells Luma/Tune packages with COVID and health insurance for 30, 60, 90, 180 and 1 year periods…its double quoted me but it is a complete COVID/health package. The broker’s email: [email protected]
      He was highly recommended by the managing director of AXA insurance who I know personally.

    • Jacobus van Schalkwijk

      2 months ago

      Okay, minimum coverage of $100,000 is easy. If it says a maximum of 250,000 you have surpassed the 100,000 requirement. Mine was 400,000 thus accepted as all good.


    3 months ago


    • It’s better in Thailand

      3 months ago

      Hi, It might be possible. You need to contact the Thai Embassy in your country to ask them. Good luck!

    • JSThomas

      3 months ago

      Do you have a Non-O “marriage visa? Otherwise I think you’re out of luck

  • It's better in Thailand

    Hi, if you think something is wrong, missing or if you have any questions just comment here :)