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Thailand Arrival & Survival ebook

Thailand – Arrival & Survival

The only guide you need to prepare for a trip to Thailand! Find out about visas, insurance, vaccinations, currencies, SIM cards, airport taxis and loads more.

It's time to go to Thailand!

Let's start with the obvious, the guide isn't free, but to be honest you don't need this guide. You'll do fine without it. Thailand is very accomodating. If you turn up with your passport, one set of clothes and some money, you'll be fine.

Is this guide for you? The guide is written for beginners, novice travelers, and even Thailand veterans who want to up their game. It's a compilation of everything we've learned in 15 years so that from preperation, to your first few days in the country, you're equipped with everything you need to look like you know what you're doing.

Why not someone elses guide? We've lived in Thailand for over 15 years, we've traveled to all 77 provinces, we speak fluent Thai, applied for almost all forms of visas, flown in more times than we can even begin to count, so we know the info we write in our guides is legit - we use it every day.

Here's some of the main points:

Visas & entry requirements

Do you need to money on a visa? We break down your visa options and show you how to game the system.


Tips for how to save money while spending here, including credit cards, exchange rates and more.


Borringggg. But essential. And no, you don't need those malaria pills - money saved.

Sim cards

Do it the easy way and bring your sim from home, or get a local simcard and ejoy that cheap, fast, 5G!

Travel insurance

Double borringgg. But just do this and it'll be inexpensive and pain free.

Advance bookings

What should you book in advance? Can you just turn up and find a place?

Driving licences & permits

If you're planning to rent a motorbike or car, you should do it legally. We explain why.


A few tips and tricks when passing through immigration.


Bangkok, Phuket, Chiang Mai? We have some tips for arriving in each destination.

Etiquette & culture

We'll bring you up to speed on a few things so you hit the ground running.

Safety & Scams

Thailand is quite physically safe, and most scams are financial.

Emergency contact numbers

What should you do in an emergency? Take this info with you, just to be safe.

Money back guarantee

After reading this guide, if you don't think we can save you at least 10 bucks worth of your time or money, we'll send you a refund. No questions asked, we'll just click the button that sends the money back.

If that still doesn't sound like a fair deal - read the book and if we haven't answered all of your questions, pop them in to an email to us and we'll personally answer every question the best we can. No canned responses or crap from virtual assistants.