These 10 adventure activities guarantee you great GoPro footage, a few bumps and bruises and a hell of a good time.

1. Sky Diving

Sky Diving is one of the most expensive on the list at 10,000 baht for a tandem sky dive but was an awesome experience. I went with a company called Thai Sky Adventures in Pattaya which I believe is an American operated company, or at least they adhere to American safety standards and most of the staff were western – it felt pretty safe.

Thai Sky Adventures

After we turned up, we had a safety briefing, I met my instructor, got geared up and off we went. It was a surreal experience climbing into a little plane with basically no doors, no seat belts, no chairs and darting off into the sky. The pilots are required to wear parachutes, which I liked – it made it feel more dangerous than it actually was. Around 10,000 feet, we clamber to the edge of the plane, head back, feet back, and we drop over the edge. The initial drop was intense, you’re falling into nothing-ness and it’s horrible and amazing at the same time. The wind resistance quickly picks up and you lose that sensation. There’s only about 30 seconds of free-fall plus a nice ride down with the canopy open.

2. Wakeboarding

Wakeboarding is an excellent sport to keep fit, keep cool and obviously look cool (unless you keep falling over). There are several wakeboarding locations throughout the country (we DO NOT recommend going in Pattaya), but we always have a good time at Thai Wake Park, a little outside of central Bangkok.

Thai Wake Park

Thai Wake Park has food, drink, music, a nice lake, plus jumps and rails for advanced riders. Without a membership you can wakeboard for 2 hours for around 800 baht, with a membership it’ll cost you approximately 450 baht.

3. Flowboarding

Flowboarding is currently one of my absolute favourite things to do here. At the moment there are two well known locations; Flow House Bangkok and Surf House Phuket – Although I’ve heard that you can also flow at a waterpark in Pattaya.

Flow House Bangkok

Flowboarding is super challenging, doesn’t depend on the weather and afterwards you can eat a burger and have a beer, or two. It costs 750 baht per hour for non-members, 650 baht per hour for members but they regularly have promotions and with a package it’s possible to pay just 300 baht per hour.

4. Kite Boarding

Kiteboarding was extremely challenging, quite expensive, but great fun. I did my kiteboarding lessons in Pattaya over three days and it set me back 12,000 baht. If you’re considering starting the sport, absolutely go and do this – if you’re just on holiday it could be less worth your while as there’s a steep learning curve and it’s very weather dependant. I’m hoping to do a one month retreat on the beach to kiteboard every day – but we’ll see.


To be honest, I don’t recommend the company I used, I felt like the instructor just wasn’t interested so I will let you do your own research on Trip Advisor, or whatever you prefer.

5. Go Karting & Buggies

Who doesn’t like to go karting? Thailand has several karting locations, but we usually go to Pattaya Kart Speedway. There are varying prices for two tracks and different sized karts but of course we go for the biggest – 250cc karts at 600 baht. The turn lasts around 15-20 minutes.

Go Karting - Pattaya

The 800 meter track is pretty fun, you can’t full throttle the entire thing and unlike other places I’ve been, you have room to overtake on corners and straights. Safety is… there, but don’t be an idiot and you’ll be fine. You’re required to wear a helmet but that’s about it.

Next door they have other activities such as bungee jumping (we didn’t try it) but they do have some cool buggies at 700 baht which we did try!

Buggy driving

6. Wipeout parks

Wipeout parks are awesome, and dangerous. Who doesn’t like to turn up a lake with a bunch of mates, drink a beer and then get destroyed by an obstacle course.

We’ve tried two places so far, Phangan Wipeout and Pattaya Splashdown. Both were awesome, costing around 500 baht for the day, BUT be warned the price is higher for the Pattaya Splashdown if you don’t live here and you’re just a tourist. Normally I wouldn’t promote a company with this dual pricing policy, but their park was good. I didn’t have my documents with me, so instead I told them in Thai I had forgotten them, and they believed me. Generally you need a Thai drivers license or work permit.

Pattaya Splash Down – Excellent place just outside of Pattaya, has a ton of obstacles and things to mess around with – technically much better than Phangan Wipeout. There’s a huge water slide, zorbing, big red balls and tons of stuff you can break your neck on.

Pattaya Splashdown

Phangan Wipeout – Although not as big, this is a lake, so they have a cool rope swing and chillout area with food overlooking the action. It’s very easy to get to even if you don’t know where you’re going so definitely stop by – awesome time.

Phangan Wipeout

7. Flyboarding

Another expensive one at around 2800 baht for 20 minutes (ask for a discount if there are multiple people going), but it’s something you should absolutely try once if you’re an activity junkie like me. We went with Flyboard Station and had a good time. It’s fast to learn the basics, you look like Iron Man and you can put awesome pictures on Facebook – that’s a definitive list of reasons to go. Book direct with them to haggle for a discount and they’ll pick you up from your hotel.


8. Scuba Diving

Scuba! I take my gear on every trip I go to near the coast. If you’ve never done it, you absolutely must get certified and experience the underwater world. It’s relaxing (eventually) and amazing that you’re basically becoming a fish. Just the day out on the boat is worth it too on its own.

Scuba Diving

I mostly dive in Koh Chang where my friends run the Scandinavian Chang Diving centre (tell them I said hi). but other spots such as Koh Tao and Phuket are known to be awesome too. Koh Tao is the cheapest place to dive and basically the epicenter of diving here in Thailand. Your Open Water course will set you back around 10,000 baht on Koh Tao and 13,000 baht in most other places.

9. Shooting Ranges

The shooting ranges aren’t quite like the time I was shooting rocket launchers in Cambodia but it’s an awesome experience to shoot automatic weapons such as an AK-47, shotguns, sniper rifles and handguns. We don’t have anything quite the same in England so it was a great experience.

Shooting Range

The price depends on what you want to shoot, but expect a decent range of guns for 3000-5000 baht. Locations are all over Thailand but in the images below, we were at a shooting range in Koh Chang.

10. Rent dirt bikes and go off-roading

Not the safest way to go off-roading, but we had an excellent time renting Honda CRF dirt bikes and finding our own way into the jungle. We spent a day outside of Chiang Mai looking for rivers, lakes and jungles to explore. We didn’t have any protective gear and we got a bit scraped up from a few crashes so obviously if you’ve got gloves and boots you should take them. Go out, get muddy and have a laugh.

Off roading with Honda CRF 250

Don’t worry, it’s a rental

Other ideas

This is by no means a definitive list, so here are some other suggestions:

  • Rock Climbing – Plenty of indoor gyms and professional climbing spots throughout Thailand.
  • White water rafting – We experienced this in Chiang Mai, it was awesome when someone fell out of the boat.
  • Jungle Trekking – Literally everywhere, shouldn’t be missed.
  • Free Diving / Spear Fishing – See our post on spear fishing.
  • Cliff Jumping – There are unofficial spots anywhere you can find them, but Southern destinations such as Phi Phi sell cliff diving tours.
  • Quad Biking – Plenty throughout Thailand but can’t be ridden on the road.
  • Bungee Jumping – Not tried bungee jumping yet, what’s it like?
  • Base Jumping – If you’re insane like my Dad, you can base jump in Railay Bay, Krabi.
  • Surfing / Windsurfing – Never surfed, but in the right season it’s possible in the South.

Do you have any other ideas? We’re always looking for something new to impress the ladies. Note: Rarely do we impress the ladies with these things.

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