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Dok Ket – A Beach Getaway in the Middle of Issan

Beach in Kalasin

To our surprise, we found a 'beach' in the middle of Issan, popular with Kalasin locals. Check out their make shift jet skis...

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You don’t always have to escape to the seaside to enjoy a relaxing beach getaway in Thailand. In the north of Kalasin, there is a sandy beach called Dok ket (หาดดอกเกด) with swimming and other fun activities right next to Lam Pao Dam (เขื่อนลำปาว).

You might just forget that you are right in the middle of Issan!

Things to do at Dok Ket Beach

When you arrive at the carpark, you may have someone ask you if you want to eat. You can order food here and they will come and bring it to you on the beach, leaving time for you to get a good spot. Then join in on the other activities:

Ride a banana boat – Sit on top of an inflatable banana boat or sofa attached to a jet ski. Somebody will drive you around the water near the beach for a quick thrill. It costs 300 baht for three times around on the banana boat or 400 baht for the sofa.

Tok Ket Beach - หาดดอกเกด จ.กาฬสินธุ์

Go for a swim – On the weekend, you will see many locals splashing about in the water. Join them for a swim to cool off in the Thailand heat.

Tok Ket Beach - หาดดอกเกด จ.กาฬสินธุ์

Picnic on the beach – Order something from one of the food stalls or bring your own and sit under the shade to enjoy a peaceful lunch.

Tok Ket Beach - หาดดอกเกด จ.กาฬสินธุ์

Snacks in the sea – When we visited, there was man rowing a boat around, selling salapao and wontons. Have your food bought to you whilst you relax in the water.

Once you have finished at the beach, there is also another nice little area a bit further back down the road. Head to this location here, and there is a carpark either side of the bridge. Here, you can eat at a restaurant and hire out a rubber ring to float about in the river.

Tok Ket Beach - หาดดอกเกด จ.กาฬสินธุ์

When is the best time to go?

There is shade there but if you want to head into the water, you can easily get burnt in the hotter weather. We went at the beginning of March and it was so hot that we didn’t stay for too long. It may be better to head there in the cooler months towards the end of the year. Try to avoid the middle of the day and make sure to bring sun cream with you.

How to get there

This province is best explored with your own vehicle. From the town center, head north up route 227 for around 21km. Take a left here and follow the road until you get to the beach. If you get to the Sirindhorn dinosaur museum, then you have gone too far and missed the turning.

After you have finished at Lam Pao Dam and the beach, it is definitely worth checking out the museum. There is also a small dinosaur park and a couple of interesting temples all near each other.

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