Kalasin is mostly recognized for its dinosaur theme, but throughout the province, you will also come across many different temples. Some of them are just like any other standard ones you will find in Thailand, but we found Wat Phutta Nimmit (วัดพุทธนิมิตร), in the north of Kalasin to be fairly intriguing.

If you are in the area, visiting the other nearby attractions, check out this temple with an interesting wooden wiharn. It is free to enter and there are not any of the usual stalls trying to sell you stuff.

Opening times: 6 a.m until 8 p.m.

Wat Phuttha Nimit

What can you see here?

  • Recling Buddha – This is probably the most important feature of this temple. This statue of Saiyat Phu Khao is believed to be over 2000 years ago. It is interesting in the fact that it lays on the left-hand side, whereas a reclining Buddha will usually lay on the right. This statue is a very revered icon in the Buddhist community and every year, on Songkran festival, there is a ritual to honor the life of Buddha.

    Unfortunately, we didn’t actually see this reclining Buddha, so were unable to capture any photos
  • Carvings – These stone carvings tell some life stories of the Buddha and are intricately designed.
  • Free-roaming animals – When we were there, we saw a beautiful peacock wandering around the temple. Apparently, there are other animals too, but they must have been asleep at the time.

    Wat Phuttha Nimit

    How to get to Wat Phuttha Nimit

    This temple is located around 41km north of Kalasin town center. Follow route 227 towards Lam Pao Dam. Instead of turning left towards the dam, continue up towards the museum and past here for another 6 km until you see signs to the temple on the left. Here is the GPS location.

    There is also another nearby temple called Wat Phutthawat Phu Sing (พุทธสถานภูสิงห์). There are around 300 steps leading up to a big Buddha statue. Climb these for a good workout and then reward yourself with a nice view of the dam below.

    While you are in this area, tie your visit in with a trip to Dok Ket Beach and Sirindhorn Dinosaur Museum for a perfect day trip.

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