Lampang is a Northern province studded with mountain ranges that hold some national parks. It also has a charming capital city (Lampang City) that people say is a smaller and less touristy Chiang Mai.

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Lampang is a northern province located east of Chiang Mai. The province is fairly popular with Thai tourists who love visiting its famous temples and soaking in the Northern Thai Lanna culture in a place slightly less modern and crowded than Chiang Mai. Lampang city also has small horse-drawn carts that until recently were used as transportation and today survive to carry tourists and be in photos. There are some mountain ranges, waterfalls, caves, hot springs, and national parks in the province, though none as nice as the more famous ones around the North. For us, the highlight of the province is Wat Chalermprakiat – a beautiful temple perched at the top of a forest-covered limestone mountain. It is among the most unique temples in all of Thailand, and one that anyone can appreciate even if visiting temples isn’t their idea of a good time.