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Wakeboarding in Bangkok at Taco Lake

Wakeboarding in Bangkok Taco Lake

Wakeboarding is one of our favorite activities to beat the heat in Bangkok

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One of our favorite activities in Bangkok is spending a day wake boarding, and there are a couple of places to do it. The most popular spot is the Thai Wake Park and it’s a great place for a Bangkok day trip. Yesterday we went and checked out Taco Lake and it definitely gives the Wake Park a run for its money. If you want to try wakeboarding in Bangkok, this is the easiest place to get to for trying it.

Taco Lake was the first cable wake park in Thailand, and is the closest one to Bangkok. They have kneeboards to help beginners learn, and staff on hand to give pointers to new wakeboarders. The park also has some ramps and rail for advanced riders. The whole lake is surrounded by trees and it’s a really nice spot that feels removed from the grind of Bangkok. Even if you weren’t wakeboarding, it would be a nice place to sit, eat, drink and swim (all of which you’re allowed to do). If some of your group want to wakeboard and others don’t, no problem! Only riders pay.

Getting to Taco Lake

Taco Lake is located off of Bangna-Trat Road not far from Suvarnabhummi Airport (see the map below). It’s a bit tricky to get to and you will have a very hard time explaining the route to a taxi driver. Instead, use the Grab App (like Uber for Southeast Asia) to call one. Taco Lake is a destination in the app and will give the driver the correct directions. We took a Grab from Ekkamai and paid just over 300 Baht. For a cheaper ride, take the BTS to Udom Suk and call a Grab from there. When we left we were unable to get a Grab, so we took the free ride offered by Taco Lake out to the main road where Grabs and meter taxis are available.

Taco Lake prices and menu

Taco Lake Bangkok Wakeboarding Price

Prices at Taco Lake are incredibly reasonable for Wakeboarding in Bangkok. They offer a 10 AM – 6 PM package for 400 Baht, and an all day (10 AM – 10 PM) package for 600. On weekdays the opening time is pushed back to 12 PM. The price includes the use of kneeboards and also wakeboards without bindings. These boards have neoprene straps that go over your feet. They feel snug but definitely come off when you fall, which is actually better when you’re learning as it’s easier to get started and to swim. Wakeboards with bindings can be rented for 400 baht. The food and drink at Taco Lake is quite good and very reasonably priced. Most menu items are 60-80 Baht, and a large bottle of Leo Beer is 75. Note that outside food and drink are not allowed.

Best times for wakeboarding in Bangkok

We went on a Saturday and were worried it would be crowded, but it never was. We arrived at 10 AM and had the place to ourselves for the first hour. More and more people arrived throughout the day but there was never a time where the wait was more than a couple of minutes, and there was usually never any wait.

Wakeboarder at Taco Lake

Is wakeboarding hard?

It was my first time trying wakeboarding either on a cable or behind a boat. I have waterskied and snowboarded before. It took until my fourth try to get up and I didn’t fall on the start or any straightaways again for the rest of the day. The corners are a different story. The cable turns 90 degrees at each corner and unless you take the perfect angle through it you either get jerked, or the line goes slack and then pulls you hard.

It took me around a dozen times or more to get through the first turn. At the end of the day I made a full rotation of the lake two times. Some friends I was with told me that the muscle memory stays with you and you quickly pick up where you left off the next time you go. I can’t wait to get back. We definitely recommend checking out Taco Lake if you’re looking for a fun thing to do around Bangkok on a hot day.

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