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Kaeng Don Klang Park

Kaeng Don Klang Park
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Kaeng Don Klang Park (สวนสาธารณะแก่งดอนกลาง) is a large lake surrounded by small parks in Kalasin. The locals come to run, walk, cycle and chill out with the dinosaurs. It is not far from the town center.

There’s not much food around the park, other than a few scattered shops and the outer bounds of the park are not well-maintained but if you have some extra time to kill it’s worth a visit to see the dinosaur models, take some selfies and cycle around the lake if you have a bicycle (we couldn’t find one to rent).

Things to do at Kaeng Don Klang Park

The main reason to come to Kaeng Don Klang Park is to look at the big model dinosaurs that are on display. When you first approach the park, you will spot a cluster of dinosaurs standing tall with some other smaller ones situated between them.

Kaeng Don Klang Park

Other things to do:

  • Exercise – There is a 5km track going all the way around the lake in a big circle. The path is a bit worn, but people will still come here in the evenings to cycle and run. There are also some exercise machines based around the track.
  • Fishing – You will see people sitting at different points around the huge lake with their fishing rods cast. If fishing is your thing, you could try out your luck here, but there may not be anywhere to rent the gear. You might be able to find a fishing shop in town to ask.
  • Watch the sunset – This is a great place to sit back amongst the prehistoric beasts and watch the day ending as the sun sets behind the horizon. There is also a viewing platform that could be a good place to watch.
  • Take some photos – Get some Instagram worthy pictures. Grab some inspiring shots of the sun rising or setting over the lake or take a selfie with the dinosaurs soaring above you. You can also drive all the way around the lake to get a few different angled shots.

Kaeng Don Klang Park

How to get to Kaeng Don Klang Park

If you are staying in the town, then it will not be far away. It’s most convenient to get here with your own vehicle, but your other option is to hire a taxi for the day and make a stop here. You may be able to cycle too.

Here is the GPS location of the park.

Other things to do in Kalasin

  • Lam Pao Dam – After you have finished in town, head north to Lam Pao Dam. Here, you can visit a small beach by the water of the dam.
  • Kalasin Dinosaur Park – Just round the corner from the dam is Kalasin Dinosaur Park. If you enjoyed Kaeng Don Klang Park, then you will love this one!
  • Sirindhorn Museum – This is the first dinosaur fossil museum in Thailand and it’s a very popular attraction in Kalasin. It is definitely worth a visit.
  • Phu Faek Forest Park – Further to the east is this park that is famous for the fossilized dinosaur footprints.

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