If you thought the UK’s Trump Blimp was something, just wait until you see what the world has to offer in Thailand’s International Kite Festival.

A collection of performances, displays, workshops, family fun and other activities take place over the course of two days allowing plenty of time to take it all in. Even if you’re not usually a fan of kites. It’s a nice event formed mostly of locals and their families with a small market for food, gifts and activities.

How to get there

The festival is held in the Hua Hin (Prachuap Khiri Khan province) every March. We attended the 2018 festival. For specific dates you can search Google closer to the event dates.

The specific location can be Googled “Army Non Commissioned Officer School Hua Hin“.

Some of the activities

Fancy Kite Show – In the Fancy Kite show twenty kite flying teams from across the world display their best work which include designs of cartoon characters and some of our favourite super heroes. With performers flying stunt kits, giant works of art and musical performances this is definitely a fan favourite.

Chula and Pak Pao Show – A stunning performance of beautiful Thai kites alongside classical Thai music Pi Phat ensemble.

Kite Exhibition – A fun look into the history of Thai kites.

Kite Art Fun and DIY Activities – Usually there’s three different workshops taking place. Some are specifically for children to build and paint kites but there are more advanced workshops for adults and kite enthusiasts.

Boomerang Workshop – And let’s be honest, the best of all, the Boomerang Workshop where you will learn to make your own boomerangs, and taught how to use them. Cool.

Family Fun Kite Flying – Following the family friendly theme, you and the whole family will be able to enjoy the kite flying fields, where you’ll be able to fly your own kites.

Wind Garden – You will have the opportunity to view a professionally designed wind garden decorations and have a hand in designing a beautiful garden filled with kites, chimes, and other wind activated works of art.

Alongside all the events and performances, there will be a caravan of food trucks and shop stalls. With local delicacies from the Hua Hin district, local handcrafts, decorations, it’s a good opportunity to take in local culture.

The festival has lots to offer to locals and tourists alike, but it’s especially geared towards families having an enjoyable day out.

Finally, it can be very hot. Take a spare t-shirt, suncream and sunglasses.

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