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Mahanakhon Skywalk – 2024 Guide to Bangkok’s Best Rooftop Experience

King Power Mahanakhon Skywalk Bangkok

Bangkok's tallest building, worth it for the awesome views

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The Mahanakhon is a skyscraper in Bangkok that features a unique pixelated look. The rooftop of this building has some of Bangkok’s best views and an area with a glass floor that lets you look straight down to ground level — terrifying if you’re afraid of heights but really cool! 

Keep reading for ticket prices, how to book advance tickets, where to reserve a table at the restaurant, plus our tips to get the most out of the experience. 

Bangkok's pixelated building. The Mahanakhon
The building has a really cool look and it’s won numerous awards. The company that owns the monopoly on most duty-free in Thailand’s airports bought the Mahanakhon building in April 2018. It is now known as the King Power Mahanakhon.
Mahanakhon Skywalk

Mahanakhon Skywalk ticket prices

Mahanakhon Skywalk adult tickets are a bit cheaper before 3:30 pm. If that’s the only time you have to go, it’s worth doing, but sunset is the best time to be up there. The table below shows full pricing information. You can avoid the ticket queue when you arrive by buying tickets in advance from Klook. We recommend this option to save time, and Klook offers free cancellation up until 24 hours before.

Sunset in Thailand is basically between 5:30 and 6:30 pm year-round. If you’re only going for drinks at Sky Beach Bar and arriving later than 6:30, don’t buy advanced tickets, you have to pay when you arrive.

AdultsChildren 3-12 years*Seniors 60+*
10 am – 3:30 pm880 Baht350 Baht350 Baht
4 pm – 6:30 pm1080 Baht350 Baht350 Baht
7 pm – 11 pm
Sky Beach Bar Only –
No Advanced tickets
Includes one drink
1080 Baht1080 Baht1080 Baht
* ID with proof of age required

Location and directions to Mahanakhon Skywalk

The Mahanakhon is located right at the Chong Nonsi BTS (Skytrain) station which has one exit that drops you literally in front of the building. This part of Bangkok gets pretty bad traffic so we strongly advise taking the train here. If you still want to take a taxi, Any driver should know the Mahanakhon building.

Restricted items

You’re not allowed to bring much in with you. No bags, backpacks, or suitcases are allowed. There is limited storage to leave these items in the lobby (25 x 25 x 10cm maximum). Smaller women’s purses should be okay.

Tripods, food and drink (water bottles included), and pets are also not allowed. If you will have larger items with you, there are some coin-operated lockers nearby at this location.

Getting the most out of your visit

Once inside, you queue for an elevator ride to the top. There is a very cool panoramic CGI show in the lift on the way up and down so have your phone ready if you want to record any of it. Once at the top, start exploring around.

There are indoor 360-degree panoramic views on the 74th floor. Once you take the escalator up from this floor, you can’t return to it so take your time taking it all in. That escalator will take you up one floor to a very cool glass elevator that takes you the rest of the way to the outdoor roof.

Note: In bad weather, they will close the outdoor areas. Unfortunately, when this happens they will only offer you a rain check, no refunds. You can still access the indoor 74th floor.

Bangkok glass floor building

Once on the rooftop, you can get drinks and check out the glass floor. If you’re afraid of heights it is pretty scary, but if you’re not it’s fine. You need to wear cloth covers over your shoes and place all of your belongings into a padded cloth bag that you can take with you onto the glass. They are very strict about not allowing any cameras or phones on the glass. If you want that Instagram Gold, you will have to get a friend to take it from off of the glass while you are on it.

King Power Mahanakhon Skywalk view

Staying in the hotel at Mahanakhon

If you want to stay in the area, The Standard Hotel (formerly the Bangkok Ritz Carlton) is located in the Mahanakhon building and is one of Bangkok’s best hotels. It’s in a great location as well. Highly recommended if it’s in your budget.

Is the King Power Mahanakhon Skywalk worth it?

Bangkok has plenty of nice rooftop bars without entry fees so the money you spend at Mahanakhon could go towards a couple of drinks or some food elsewhere. That said, there is something to being the highest, and the views from the Mahanakhon Skywalk are pretty fantastic. The price does feel a bit high for what it is, but it’s not that unreasonable either. If this is your kind of thing, then definitely go for it. If you’re on the fence, head to a rooftop bar instead.

King Power Mahanakhon Skywalk drink prices

Drink prices as pretty steep up here, as you would expect. Soft drinks start at 180 Baht, beers start from 270 Baht, cocktails from 440, and glasses of wine from 540. The menu in the image below is from December 2018.

Mahanakhon menu drink prices

Exit through the gift shop

One thing you might find amusing or annoying, on your way out the elevator drops you on the 4th floor of the King Power duty-free mall. There is no signage pointing to the exit so you’re left to wander past all the displays, looking for escalators to escape. It seemed to take around ten minutes for us to find out way out. This might just be the longest “exit through the gift shop” experience anywhere in the world.

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