There isn’t a whole lot to do in Amnat Charoen, apart from a couple of temples. It’s not worth heading there for anything in particular, but if you are driving through, you could stop off at ‘Puttha Utthayan & Pra Mongkol Ming Muang’ (พุทธอุทยานและพระมงคลมิ่งเมือง), a small Buddha park.

What is at this Buddha park?

A straight road, surrounded by trees leads you to this 20-meter tall Buddha statue. There is a small garden area around the statue, but apart from that, this is just a place to pray and take some photos. It looks quite nice in the dark when the lights make it shine, so it could be worth a visit if you are there in the evening.

Around the back of the statue, are two Buddha images covered in robes. These were dug up in the early 1960s and show that this area has had a significance in Buddhism for more than 2000 years.

People come here to give offerings, which can be seen around the Buddha images and the trees.

Does it cost to enter?

Admission price is free, along with the parking and toilets.

How to get there

The Buddha statue is just north of the center, opposite ‘Ang Kep Nam Phuttha Utthayan lake’ reservoir. Amnet Chareon is definitely not a tourist destination, so you are likely to be there with your own vehicle. Drive about 3km up Route 212 and you will see the statue on the left. If you don’t have a vehicle, flag down a taxi or take a motorbike taxi.

Here is the GPS location.

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