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Thailand Arrival & Survival is the only guide you’ll need for preparing for your trip to Thailand! Getting ready for a holiday in Thailand can leave you with a lot of questions. Do you need a visa, insurance, and vaccinations? How do you sort out money, a SIM card, and a taxi at the airport without falling for a scam? This e-book answers all of those questions, and a lot more! We’ve been traveling in and out of Thailand for over a decade and have learned all the tips, tricks, and hacks, and we want to share them with you. We’ve made all the mistakes so you don’t have to.

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Why you should trust us

We’ve been traveling in and out of Thailand for over a decade and have learned exactly what to do and what not to do. We know all the hacks, the shortcuts, the scams, and the mistakes that are so easy to make when you’re new to Thailand. As an American and a Brit, we are particularly knowledgable on things like driving permits, visas, banking, and SIM cards for those countries, but we are sure that people of any nationality will find this guide to be really helpful. If you’ve downloaded our guide, we’re also happy to answer any other questions you have, just DM us on one of our social media channels or contact us here.

Who this guide is for

This guide will have useful information for anyone, including regular travelers to Thailand or people going on package holidays. However, those who will find it most useful are independent travelers on their first ever trip or who haven’t visited in a few years.

What’s covered?

Thailand Arrival & Survival covers topics that can easily trip up travelers. Check out the table of contents to see the full scope:

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“This guide was a lifesaver for me coming over on a 6 months backpacking trip around Asia. I had been crazy worried before my trip that I was going to be getting scammed straight away from the airport. Reading this put my mind somewhat to rest and when I arrived I did exactly what the book recommends and everything was so easy. I would have been lost without it.” -Amy, UK